Links on migration and living with HIV
On this page you will find international information about HIV, Aids and Africa.
On the website from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft AIDS there are materials and working aids to support activities in prevention and care.
On this website the Deutsche Aidshilfe offers a lot of information for migrants.
Here you can find anonymous and confidential counselling and testing services for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as hepatitis C in North Rhine-Westphalia. At these services offered by public health offices and AIDS help centres, you will be advised with great expertise. If there is a risk of infection, you will be offered the appropriate tests. The counselling is free of charge. The tests are free or inexpensive. You can select the services listed here according to the town and postcode, the test service or the target group to which the service is directed in particular. You can also find basic information on nationwide telephone and online counselling services.
This website is aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and queer (LGBTIQ*) refugees.
Here you will find information on language and integration mediation: culturally sensitive interpreting for authorities, social services, advice centres, educational and health institutions.
YUNA: A nationwide project for the prevention of female genital mutilation (FGM/C). For a self-determined and intact life of girls and women. In many countries it is a tradition that girls are circumcised. This is mostly done without the girls' consent. Female circumcision means that parts of the external female genitalia are injured or removed. FGM/C is the global term for female circumcision. This topic is rarely talked about because it is a taboo subject. That is why many people do not know that the circumcision of girls and women can have lifelong physical, psychological and social consequences. Every form of female circumcision is forbidden in Germany! This also applies to circumcisions that are to be performed abroad. The project has the goals of standing up for girls and young women and making the prevention of FGM/C the subject of our educational work. It helps to de-taboo the issue of FGM/C in the public and to raise awareness of the issue. It informs girls, women, mothers, fathers and professionals about FGM/C and educates them about its consequences. YUNA campaigns for the end of FGM/C in order to enable girls and women to lead a life that is as free of violence and pain as possible.
The BZgA website provides information on sexuality and sexual health in 13 languages.