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MiSSA NRW is a network by and for people from Sub-Saharan Africa who are engaged in health improvement and HIV-prevention. The Aidshilfe NRW und her partners are helping with that. Networking, exchange and support are essential. Health is a human right. With this website we want to improve access to this right.

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Network MiSSA NRW

We want to connect people. Our work helps with social inclusion and integration. We fight against prejudices and inequality. We fight against taboos and exclusion.



Everybody who lives in Germany must have equal access to information, prevention, advice, counselling and health care. Regardless of the person’s cultural background and immigration status.



MiSSA NRW works together with many other networks and organizations. Working together makes it easier to achieve our goals.



Here you can find information on living with HIV and on advice and consultancy services by and for people with a migrant origin. You can also find links to information brochures.