What we know:

The German Robert-Koch-Institute has conducted a survey. The Robert-Koch-Institute is a scientific research institute. In a survey people are answering written questions. They do this voluntarily. The survey conducted by the Robert-Koch-Institute is called “MiSSA-Study”.

For the MiSSA-Study people from Sub-Saharan Africa answered questions about HIV/Aids. They also answered questions about infections with hepatitis (HEP). And about other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

For example, the people were asked what they know about HIV/Aids. And whether they have already been tested for HIV/Aids. Most of the people came from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Germany, Togo and Kenia.

You can find more information about the MiSSA-Study under rki.de. There is also a summary of the study available. You can find this summary under aids-nrw.de.