Access for all!

Every person who lives in Germany must have equal access to information about HIV/AIDS. Every person must have equal access to HIV-prevention. And everybody must have equal access to advice, counselling and health care. This is all set out in the Action-plan of the German government.  

But often, people from Sub-Saharan Africa have less access to information than other people in Germany. They also have less access to HIV-prevention. And to counselling, advice and health care. This needs to change.

HIV and Migration
Many people with HIV were not born in Germany. About a third of all people with a new HIV-diagnosis comes from another country. Some of them have been infected in their home country. Others have been infected after coming to Germany. Many are diagnosed very late. In other words, they have been diagnosed many years after they have been infected.

HIV-prevention for people from Sub-Saharan Africa
HIV-prevention is an important topic. MiSSA NRW wants to find the best solutions, together with the people from Sub-Saharan Africa. The wishes and request from people from Sub-Saharan Africa are essential.

MiSSA NRW wants to improve HIV-prevention for people from Sub-Saharan Africa. Most important are:
- Information
- Education
- Advice and counselling
- Access to health care